Perfect Natural Products for You

Here at A Natural Self we understand the changing retail market and the impact of the internet upon the shopping habits and approaches of the wider community. The current downturn in the non-online retail market is a taste of things to come.

Consumers are no longer voting with their feet. Rather, they are voting with their fingers and their keyboards!

Over the past several years shopfront retailers have been hit hard by both recession and a new retail mode – the world of online shopping. Our naturopathy clinic has been quick to witness and absorb these shifts, and has therefore established its own online shopfront where you can purchase quality natural products directly from your own home. You can also make general enquiries about products by ringing Dana or emailing us to find out more about the suitability of a product for you and/or your family.

Our range includes a variety of natural health products for generalised health and also for specific issues or ailments. Some of our retail focus areas include:

  • Mums and babies
  • Lemon myrtle products
  • Stop smoking kits
  • Sexual health products and kits
  • Skin condition solutions
  • Gift boxes and gift ideas
  • Female health
  • Kids’ health
  • Ear candling
  • Digestive issues
  • Detoxification
  • Men’s health
  • Sleep
  • Snoring

You are assured of quality products through our online shopping facility and you are assured of clear and clean transactional processes that are financially secure and robust. Your products and your purchased sales will arrive to you safely and within 14 days, so you can implement your new health focus strategy with a minimum of fuss and hassle.

How easy is that?

Latest Research

According to Price Waterhouse’s Executive Overview of Digital Shopping in Australia and New Zealand 2011, “Growth in the online shopping market is expected to grow at least twice as fast as the total retail market over the next four years.”[1]

We’ve kept abreast of the latest research and endeavour to bring you the very best options in natural products, alternative health and natural remedies via the online retail medium.

The Price Waterhouse report has also revealed that online shopping is occurring across all demographics and not just the higher socio-economic groupings, and that it is being driven by the exponential usage of mobile devices and universal education of the next generation regarding digital media, as well as the improved global supply chains that are now delivering faster and more efficiently than before.

In the next decade it is expected online shopping will be the preferred method of shopping for all your products, with “the digital revolution being remembered as one that transforms the fabric of conventional retail and customer behaviours at large.”[2]

So jump on board and shop with our shopping outlet at A Natural Self today.


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