Our New Naturopathic Clinic Premises

Yesterday in A Natural Self’s blog, I spoke a bit more about change and dynamism. I explained that change and rolling with it, are in fact a part of the universal order of things, and that learning to accept change and embrace it can be hard but incredibly rewarding.

I also spoke about the massive changes I have been making of late in the professional and clinical realm. There’s the new website on the way and it feels good to update it and present our brand and our ethics and values as a quality clinic with a web address and site that now has all the hallmarks of a professional and easy and user-friendly place to visit. This new site will be up and running in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. I look forward to hearing your views about it and please, please let me know if you find it easier to understand and navigate around. It’s my job to make things easier for you as clients and blog followers, so your feedback is welcomes and also listened to.

Funky and Friendly – a patch of purple in Hamilton Hill

I also mentioned the new address. We are right in the middle of moving to the new premises, and i am so excited about the new venue for A Natural Self. It’s a friendly and accessible sixties building – ground floor and street level! It’s a low lying bungalow and it is painted in purple!

It’s absolutely fantastic with a broad sweep of car parking bays and a wonderful expansive feel that will really suit me and the many clients and patients who come to see me.

Here’s a leafy shot of the new premises surrounded by the many car parking bays that make your visit and session at the clinic that much easier!

You can get a nice feel of the place and its sprawling energy. I’ve always been a fan of Sixties architecture and the bungalow style because it hugs the ground and is light and airy. Perfect for a naturopathy clinic where treatments and modalities are all about staying clear, healthy and filled with a light and positive light energy!

In this pic you can get a great front view of the building with its white awning overhang and the car spaces. I mentioned yesterday the premises really caters for people with disabilities and means they can now access the clinic withouth needing to use any steps or inclines. It’s excellent for wheelchairs and there are no problematic level changes if you are using crutches or are incapacitated or with restricted mobility.

It’s important to give you some visual shots of the new premises. The new website includes the new address and a map, but pictorial shots mean you now have a clear sense of whta you are looking for and where your destination is, when you make your next visit to the new clinic.

Exciting times at A Natural Self. See you at 156 Buckingham Road Hamilton Hill in the coming weeks!