Organic Meat and How it Can Benefit You

Why is organic meat so good for you and why do so many practitioners in the natural health area recommend you eat it? Today, we look at the benefits of organic meat in Australia and compare it to its non-organic counterpart.

Read on if you are interested in the findings!

You’ll be surprised.

Look for Certified Organic Meat

In 2009, The Australian consumer publication, Choice Magazine, ran a comprehensive survey on organic meat products on the Australian market. A number of issues came to light.

Firstly, the report made clear that virtually “anyone in Australia can use the term “organic.” But the only way to truly be sure of a meat’s organic pedigree is to buy organic meat that is certified.

National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce[1]

This national standard states that true organic meat must:

  • Free range graze on pastures
  • Be free of growth promoters and hormones as well as antibiotics.
  • Eat feed that is free from synthetic pesticides
  • Be free of any genetically modified components or inputs.[2]

Organic Meat and Natural Health

The Australian Organic Food Directory states that organic grass fed animals have a correct omega-6 to omega-3 at ratio when compared with non-organic grain fed animals. “Grass fed products are rich in all the fats now proven to be health-enhancing, but low in the fats that have been linked to ill-health and disease.”[3]

Nutritionists and dieticians in Australia also espouse the nutrient value of organic meat and state that it can help to alleviate allergies, skin conditions, and can be a great substitute to ordinary meat after a detoxification programme has been carried out.

Organic meat also adheres to a more spiritual and philosophical approach to animal welfare and frees the animal from the confines of pen enclosure, and the use of growth hormones, pesticides, and other substances that become incorporated into their meat and muscle tissue and are later digested by the meat consumer.


The use of hormone additives for white meat (chicken) and beef has raised considerable concern in recent years. Estrogenic additives are frequently used on various non-organic animals, and the hormones are known to pass on to humans. The hormones are used to stimulate growth in the animals which increases their market value.

Normal hormone levels can be disrupted and children and adolescents are now experiencing a much earlier sexual maturation process than thirty years ago. IT may be that the consumption of hormone affected meat products that are non-organic and sold as part of mainstream food sales contribute to this issue.

Consult Your Practitioner

Make sure you are well-educated about meat products and the more healthy organic alternatives that are available to you in Australia. Consult your naturopathy clinic or practitioner for more advice. And remember, your health is worth it because it is the foundation upon which you build a vibrant and fulfilling life.