New Plans and New Address for A Natural Self

The other day I spoke about change and the human capacity to avoid it. But as was touched upon the other day, change is actually a necessary and essential part of life. The human tendency to want to adhere to a moment in time, or a place of stasis actually flies in the face of the universal order which is born out of chaos, changeability, development and decay.

So, change is a true part of life, and the more we embrace it and allow it in, the more we are able to “go with the flow” and “roll with the punches.”  In the course of my life, I have had the opportunity to talk with a number of happy elderly people and one thing they all agree on; “change is essential, and the happiest elderly people are those who are able to accept change and incorporate this acceptance into their daily lives.”

I’m actually focusing a lot on change at present because it is a feature of my life in a professional sense at the moment. At present, our naturopathy clinic is undergoing some remodelling, and we will have a brand new website in the coming weeks along with a brand new colour scheme.

Not only that, but we will be moving.

Yes! Moving.

Our naturopathy clinic has been a central feature in the alternative natural health scene in Fremantle Western Australia, for quite some time. We’ve developed our practice there and have built up a solid following of patients and clients who come in for regular checkups and naturopathy advice.

We have served the Fremantle community with care and dignity and we’re about to move this approach – along with the clinic location – to a whole new premises in Rockingham Road, Hamilton Hill. Many of our patients who come to us for treatments for anything from skin conditions through to detoxification and natural remedy advice are already making the move with us.

We’re up for a solid challenge and we’re up for some new goals and some change, and so the move is a part of the dynamism and flow we incorporate into our health programmes and our ethics and values here at the clinic. In short, nothing stays the same, and sometimes the very best course of action is to take a risk and expand horizons and parameters so that life and professional practice remain fresh, invigorating and truly exciting.

New Address

Our new address is A Natural Self Naturopathy Clinic, at 156 Rockingham Road Hamilton Hill 6163, WA.

The new premises are fantastic! It’s on a busy commercial road -0 the corner of Rockingham and Packham Roads, and there are a total of 11 parking bays, so our patients and clients can drive in and find parking with ease.

We love the funky purple building we’re now housed in. It’s strong and states clearly and purposefully “I’m here!” It’s a purple building, so it can’t be missed from the main road. The car park it surrounded by a black fence. (What to look for).

Serving those with disabilities

The new premises are particularly friendly for the disabled. We have a lot of patients coming in with reduced or no mobility or disabilities issues that makes getting around just that bit harder. The new building is equipped with all disabled facilities, including access, ramps, parking and toilet. We’re proud of that and it is one of the reasons we jumped at the chance to make the move.

Come in and see us. Make an appointment! We look forward to seeing you at the new address soon.