New, New, New at A Natural Self

The past few days I’ve been talking with you a great deal about change and dynamism in health and in life. It also relates to business too.

In fact if we look after our bodies and health in a vital and dynamic way, this approach starts to infiltrate all aspects of our lives and very gradually we become more empowered and dynamic and more able to deal with change and alterations. I know I have also spoken a bit about our human tendency to cling to sameness. I am not sure why that is…but i have some theories.

The Buddhists believe that all and everything is in a state of flux. In fact, great Buddhist teachers like Tich Nhat Hanh and others such as Sogyal Rinpoche, who wrote “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” suggest that our refusal or inability to accept change is because of our inability to accept our own mortality and our deaths.

Keeping everything the same is about trying to stop change and the dying of old ways and the birth of new. Adjusting to change takes energy, flow and a kind of relaxed ease – something we human beings often struggle with.

But can we reframe the idea of change and think of it as enervating, enlivening, fulsome and exciting? Can we embrace it as part of the cycle of birth and death – as an energy cycle – like the ch’i of Traditional Chinese Medicine – that keeps us flowing and alive and healthy?

New Website
And yes, all this has been on my mind of late because of the changes I am making personally and professionally. I have learned to embrace change, and to enjoy it, to view it as a challenge and an exciting new direction. My naturopathic leanings and health explorations into natural remedies and various modalities such as Kinesiology and Homeopathy and Ayurveda have taught me this.

So, there are the new premises in Hamilton Hill.
And there is also the new website that will be launched very soon.

It’s the green of grass and apples – a bright and life filled colour that enervates and suggests crispness and joy. All the usual information is there, but in a new and more user-friendly format.

Gift Ideas and Online Store
The online store has been revamped using the premier shopping mart template available on the internet today. (Designed by an Antipodean of course! A Kiwi!)

This makes your product purchases that much more streamlined and straightforward. And there’s a new instructions page that is clear and easy for you to follow.

Change is a good thing.
Keep abreast of it as a positive energy in your life.

See you at the new premises and new website soon!

Bye from Dana.