Natural Remedies for Intestinal Parasites

The world is our oyster!  Over the past decade, as globalisation has increased and air travel has become commonplace, individuals in the west have become more exposed to various travel bug sicknesses including the contraction of intestinal parasites and problems found in third world areas.

A friend of mine was recently doing some voluntary health service work in Nepal and her story highlights the need for adequate treatment and awareness concerning travel and exposure to bugs and parasites found in other areas of the world.

My friend had been in Asia for near on a month when she was struck down by appalling weakness and intestinal troubles. She felt nauseous and could not eat or drink much without vomiting or bouts to the toilet because of diarrhoea.

She went to a local health professional in the capital of Nepal, and after a series of tests were performed, she discovered she had a mild case of dysentery coupled with intestinal parasites.

Natural Products that help

Various natural health products are said to help with intestinal parasites. My friend visited an alternative health practitioner and asked for a natural remedy that would aid in ridding her of the parasites. She had begun this process in Nepal and had utilised the services of an Ayuirvedic practitioner, but on her return to Australia had recourse to try another set of procedures.

She was first advised to undergo a mild detoxification programme. She was also prescribed the following herbal remedies and naturopathic solutions to rid her system of the microscopic invaders:

  • Acidophilus. This was prescribed almost immediately on her return from Asia. The acidophilus develops and reinvigorates the right balance of intestinal flora so that the body and the intestines function as best they can.
  • Black Walnut Extract. This concentrated and powerful herb can help to eradicate most types of worms. This herb contains “juglone, tannins and natural iodine. Many cultures have utilised it for its powerful properties and ability to ward off attacks from insects and bacteria.”[1]
  • Licorice root
  • Flaxseed
  • Fennel seed
  • Grapefruit seed extract

She was also advised to avoid and restrict intake of refined foods for some months and strengthen her health and immunity by way of a high-fibre diet that comprised mainly wholegrains and vegetables.
This approach and treatment was actually used in conjunction with prescribed medication from her General Practitioner, because the infestation was so severe.

So always remember if you choose to travel, particularly to areas where poor sanitation and poverty may be problematic, you may also need to safeguard and/or be aware of the potential for parasite infestation.

Natural Products may of course help with treatment and eradication, but always speak with qualified practitioners and if you have been considerably weakened by exposure to parasites, remember to follow up with regular tests and treatments to prevent reinfestation.