Natural Product Focus – Cranberry

If you are female, you will likely have experienced the unbearable and upsetting discomfort that accompanies urinary tract infections. You feel agitated and stressed, with a constant pressure on the bladder or a sense of needing to pass urine frequently. And when you do go to the toilet, there is no bladder relief and no sense that the bladder has been emptied. Instead, there may be sharp pain and burning, and a sensation of relentless and unstoppable infection.

Most women experience urinary tract infections at some point. One of the most common times you can experience them is during a phase of new sexual contact or intimacy. Urinary tract infections are also known as Honeymooner’s Sickness for this reason.

Natural Remedy to the Rescue

Allopathic medicine may frequently prescribe antibiotics for urinary tract infections. There may indeed be an important role for these in more extreme cases, as the antibiotic can help to prevent the infection spreading up into the kidneys where the problem can become acute and life-threatening.

As a naturopath I am however more tended towards alternative solutions. When someone asks me, “What do you think is the best natural product for urinary tract infections” I will put on my naturopathic practitioner thinking cap and answer clearly and firmly. And the answer is always CRANBERRY!

Cranberry is particularly good for the bladder because it can help to draw out the infection and the inflammation and flush the bacteria from the urinary tract. It can help alleviate the pain and can help you to feel some relief as the infection subsides and dies away.

According to The University of Maryland Medical Centre “cranberry, (vaccinium macrocarpon) actually prevents the e coli bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract. “[1]

It is also exceptionally high in vitamin C and works as a brilliant antioxidant.

Use and Natural Health

If you want to receive the most effective benefit from cranberry, you are best to use it as a preventative measure. You can do so by purchasing a quality cranberry juice from your health food store or alternative natural grocer, or you can purchase cranberry capsules that are more concentrated.

If you are a woman who experiences urinary tract infections, you may benefit from incorporating cranberry into your daily diet or your vitamin and mineral and supplements intake. For more information speak with your alternative practitioner, and if you are in the Fremantle region, drop into A Natural Self Naturopathy Clinic and speak to Dana about this wonderful herb.