Natural is Best

How do you feel about being natural? How do you feel about cosmetics and the whole industry that has grown up around artificiality, changing yourself, making yourself younger and denying your humanness? Sure, you can use the western medical approach to staying youthful.

But are there other alternatives.

There definitely are! And today, I want to break them down for you so you can consider the information for yourself.

These are questions that face every woman and even many men. As a naturopathy practitioner I am frequently asked to help a person stay youthful and natural and also healthy and self-respecting of the body, mind and spirit.

For many of us, ageing is a difficult predicament, and many women opt for the allopathic approach to warding off the wrinkles and the sagging! I can well understand it and I do not wish to criticise any woman’s choice about how she addresses the issue of getting older.

Western medicine and cosmetic surgery

Over the past decade a spill over effect from the United States has taken place. The web guide to cosmetic surgery in Australia offers a comprehensive guide to many of the most popular cosmetic improvement options available today.[1] Cosmetic surgery has become a mainstream industry, with many older and even younger women opting for the following commonplace cosmetic procedures:

  • Liposuction
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Breast surgery
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Laser treatments
  • Cosmetic enhancements

But are these really the way to go?

The Natural Alternative

My own personal view is that beauty occurs from the inside out and that health, vitality and a great diet coupled with exercise and the use of natural remedies and natural health approaches is a far more insightful approach.

Yes, a woman can have perfectly sculpted aquiline features, but if the soul is empty and the eyes have that blank and vacant stare, then all the surface beauty in the world cannot compensate.

Have you ever cast eyes on a truly physically attractive older woman, only to discover her behaviour and her superficiality leaves nothing lasting to be desired?

I have also met with older individuals who may be far less classically attractive, and yet they possess an inner radiance and beauty founded upon self-care, self-respect, a fantastic health and yoga routine, a spiritual practice such as meditation, and a truly positive approach to life.

Beauty from the Inside Out

Some of my clients do indeed want to work with the natural equivalent to HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and when women come into the clinic to enquire about such naturopathy approaches, I guide them towards a host of options including herbal remedies, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine,) Homeopathy and even Ayurvedic herbs. I also suggest some very potent additions to diet that can help with menopausal and ageing symptoms.

So remember, before heading off to the cosmetic surgeon consider beauty from the inside out. Foster positivity and wellbeing in your own life and reap the many benefits and rewards.

Bye for now.