Natural Health, the Earth and You

The world is in crisis. We all know it. While there are numerous sceptics, many now sensibly believe the earth is in danger of severe problems with pollution, overcrowding and global warming hitting fever pitch. Australia and every other country is impacted.

Every day we are confronted by another round of stories that report on ecological disasters, the destruction of forests, the contamination of waterways and the ill health of the human and animal population. We feel powerless to do anything and we feel overwhelmed by the sheer gravity and weight of what is happening.







The list goes on….

So what can you or I do about this? How do you or I activate change and become more conscious in our actions? How do we become an active component of the world and its solutions?

Attitude – The Most Important Natural Remedy

The Amazonian forest is under threat. Right now.. Just as you read this article. And while you cannot actually do anything about it right at this moment – you can shift your attitudes towards healing.

As a naturopath who runs a successful naturopathy clinic, I know only too well that real change and real conscious living starts with the self. Buddhists might say that this is all we can really do – change our minds and selves and become more conscious and aware of how we treat all living things and how we treat the earth and each other.

As a practitioner, I tend to agree that change actually starts from within, and an individual who has overcome illness and poor health and learned to treat themselves with greater respect – physically and mentally and emotionally and spiritually – just might be the type of person who is more in tune with the planet and its needs and its natural cycles and the pain it is in. He or she might just become the sort of person who can contribute to helping the environment, or the wilderness areas of our great continent, or the poor and needy.[1]

While there is no research to prove this opinion – and it is an opinion – there is indeed a fair few people who might agree with me. Living healthily may well increase mental and emotional clarity. And mental and emotional clarity may well lead you or me to think twice about the kind of rubbish we throw in the bins, the need for composting our scraps, and the wish to contribute to the world and to be of service to others.

If we are internally healthy, we feel better. And if we feel better, we have more energy for other people and for the environment and for those in need. It is like a simple chain reaction. Internal health just may bring health into an individual, then a family, then an extended family and then a community and a planet.

So think about it. Start with yourself today.

You can heal and you can be a part of change