Natural Diagnostic Tools

Today, we take a brief look at some of the wonderful and varied diagnostic tools that are used in the realm of complementary and alternative medicine. We will focus on some of the main tools used at Fremantle’s A Natural Self Clinic – which is one of the most progressive naturopathy clinics on the west coast of Australia.

Naturopaths and complementary medicine practitioners will often use a vast array of diagnostic tools to help identify illness and ailments before they have a severe or pronounced negative impact on the body.

As a naturopath, I am well acquainted with an eclectic and specialised variety of tools that are non-invasive and effective in helping you live well and happily.  These can be introduced to the consultation process with you, the client, and form the basis of an ongoing alternative health and natural remedies treatment plan.


The eye is analysed in detail using a magnifier and flashlight to identify genetic strengths and weaknesses and also how your lifestyle is impacting your health. Knowing your genetic strength or weaknesses – your predispositions – can really help you to empower through a tailored and individualised natural health regime.[1]

Toxin Testing

This is also known as Gut Dysbiosis and Indicans Testing. A urine sample is taken and tested for bacteria and proteins. This helps to determine the exact health of your intestines and its ability/inability to dispose and eliminate toxins. Many health issues are caused by toxin build up and the intestinal tract plays a large and important part in the eradication and successful elimination of toxins from your body.[2]

Nail Diagnosis

The nails are windows to your health and can let a nutritionist or complementary medical specialist know whether you are absorbing nutrients, whether you are lacking certain vitamins or minerals and whether you have been malnourished or have had a trauma that is acute enough to disrupt mineral flow to your body.

Tongue Testing

This form of testing can indicate the health of your gastro-intestinal tract, as well as the stagnated areas of your body, fluid imbalances and even organ weaknesses and various vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Your naturopathy clinic should be using a variety of diagnostic processes that identify problem areas in your health and wellbeing.  A good diagnostic process can help to identify skin conditions, allergy problems, deficiencies, acute or mild illnesses and even chronic diseases.

Utilise this diagnostic process as the foundation for a natural remedy programme that can transform your life.

Take care and have a great day.