Mothering – A Personal Natural Health Story

One of the most important roles any woman can play is that of a mother. In fact, it is not really a role. It’s an instinct, a way of life, a sensibility and a lifelong experience that alters the way we think, the way we feel, the way we relate to ourselves and the way we relate to each other and the planet.

Like many, many women out there, I am a mother. Regardless of culture, religion, socio-economic standing and/or life experiences, this one fact remains….  A mother’s bond with her child is permanent and inexplicable in terms of depth, meaning, love, compassion, frustrations, awareness of limitations and selflessness.

Before I became a mother I had heard other women who were parents speak about the enduring bond they had with their children. How many of us have heard the old adage “I would die for my kids?”  And how many of us as motherless women looked upon that phrase as theoretically feasible but in reality something we could not quite grasp?

Today as I write, I live a full life as a woman, naturopath, mother and health practitioner who believes in a holistic vision of health and healing and well-being.

I infuse my mothering and parenting with many of the skills and ideas that I have gained and learned from my experiences as an alternative health practitioner.

I steadfastly believe in a natural remedy approach for children that utilises the very best we have on offer in the alternative health domain and whenever possible and feasible I incorporate massage, natural products and remedies, herbs and Chinese Medicine and homeopathics into the ongoing treatment of myself and my son.

Naturopathic Parenting

I view my approach as a kind of fusion and term it “naturopathic parenting” and amongst friends and family I am steadfastly respected for my commitment to best practice health outcomes for my son, myself and those I treat. My son was treated naturally, early on in life for tics – a kind of Tourette’s precursor, and today he is healthy, happy, free of tics and living well as a pre-teen with a full and wonderful life ahead of him.[1]

I also take particular interest in the treatment and ongoing care of mothers as well. It is a hard job and along the way as mums we all make many mistakes and learn a thousand and one lessons each day that both frustrate and enrich us and push us forward into greater wisdom as human beings.

In the end, that is what life is really all about – learning to live healthily, learning to love, learning to enjoy every moment and learning to respect ourselves and others in all ways. So to all the mums out there – good luck on the natural health journey.

It’s a great one!