More Christmas Ideas with Natural Products

At A Natural Self Clinic, we always try to encourage clients to think about their old consumer habits and replace these with a more conscious approach to how they purchase items. The process of buying can be fraught with poor health, excessive attitude, overt consumerism and a general lack of care for the environment and planet that is less than positive.

So how can you move through the Christmas period as a “conscious consumer?” How can you fill those Christmas stockings, while at the same time making sure that you are not overdoing it and purchasing products that are kinder on yourself and the environment?

The Conscious Consumer

Are you a conscious consumer?

Some years ago I made a decision about my shopping and purchasing processes. I did so after reading about mindfulness and consumerism in the modern world, and how so much of what we buy and consume is not really necessary or not good for the environment or the planet.

Tips to help You Become a Conscious Consumer

Here are some suggestions that can help you to become a more conscious consumer over the Christmas period this year:

  • Buy your natural health products from places that utilise less power and have less carbon footprint
  • Buy online – it’s a greener alternative and reduces the energy footprint of the articles you are buying
  • Think about buying presents and gift boxes that have minimal packaging. Simple is best
  • If you buy products in plastic containers, check to see if they are PET recyclable containers and source these as the preferred recyclable alternative.[1]
  • Buy sessions, treatments or practitioner visits as gift ideas. You might like to choose a homeopathic course of treatments or an Ayurvedic or Chinese Medicine session as a novel gift for a loved one.

According to The Conscious Consumer website, “each of us can change the world we live in by simply changing the way we consume.” [2] It also lists three relevant questions we can ask ourselves when purchasing products. These include:

  • “Is the product or service healthy for humans?
  • Are the employees producing these products treated fairly and justly?
  • Are raw materials used in and are production methods environmentally friendly?”[3]

The answers to these fundamental questions can guide us to shop and buy more ethically, and more in keeping with the current problems faced by the world regarding global warming, the environment, recycling and pollution.

For more information about worthwhile products that are in keeping with the conscious consumer approach, go to

Bye for now and have a wonderful festive season.



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