Mobile Phones and Radiation

Are you aware how much radiation your cell phone emits?  While there is no confirmed health risks associated with the frequent use of a mobile phone, some studies have suggested an increased risk of brain and mouth tumors, as well as behavioral problems in children. Mobile phones are just one of many electronic devices that emit electromagnetic radiation, with others including appliances, computers, wireless networks and TVs. While the international standards that accompany these devices do provide some measure of safety, many do not protect against the long term effects of radiation on the human body. More often than not, it is the failure of relevant studies to be completed that gives rise to these appliances being deemed to be safe. Simply through practice, the naturopathic practitioners report of the excessive amount of new allergies and immune system reactions that exist now. It is our life style that is the only thing that has changed.

A mobile phone emits electromagnetic radiation every time you talk; text or it makes contact with a base station. The major problem with assessing the effect of radiation on the body is that technology is advancing at a quicker pace than the research needed to determine the effects on human health. Long term exposure to electromagnetic radiation has however been linked to leukaemia, Alzheimer’s, brain tumors, infertility, cancer, headaches, depression, sleep problems, reduced libido, irritability and stress. The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a US based non-profit organization that campaigns on public health and the environment, recommends a precautionary approach when it comes to using our mobile phones.  This is especially true for children, whose thinner skulls and smaller heads make them more susceptible to radiation penetration.

For this reason naturopaths and other natural therapists are going back to the old ways of treating frequency imbalance, that have been around for longer than the technology we don’t understand.

At A Natural Self clinic, you will find all the latest technology for measuring frequency based interference, such as ones being emitted from mobile phones. We can test with Toxicity and Heavy Metal Testing, Live Blood Analysis (Hemaview), and Iridology. We also treat with all forms of Natural Medicine with the nutritional supplementation.