Men and Yeast Related Issues

Many of you are familiar with information relating to women and candida-related health issues and problems. You might have recently read an article on A Natural Self website that describes these health issues. But how many of you know about men and candida?[1]

How are men affected by an overload of yeast in the body? How does it impact them and what can men do if they exhibit the tell-tale signs of candida infection?

The Male Patient with Candida

As a naturopath, I have seen a fair number of men come into the naturopathy clinic to seek treatment for  a host of ailments. It is great to see men taking more interest in alternative health modalities and natural remedies and I encourage them to seek out treatments ranging from Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, Ayurveda, Kinesiology, therapeutic massage and Bach Flower Remedies.

Some of the male patients I see exhibit all the signs of canidiasis. The symptoms or the external manifestations might include some or all of the following:

  • Mental and nervous system problems
  • Digestive problems
  • Skin conditions and problems – rashes, fungal infections, pimples
  • Cravings for sugar, sweets and alcohol
  • Prostatitis
  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Sinus problems and increased mucous production
  • Impaired sex drive
  • Depression, irritability
  • Toenail infections
  • Sluggishness, tiredness, fatigue[2]

Cures and Detoxification

One of the most important strategies a man can implement to rid his body of yeast infections is to go on a detoxification programme. Before commencing this course of action, you may want to speak with a nutritionist or dietician so that you can approach the process responsibly.

Sugar and alcohol feed the yeast build up and these need to be eradicated for a good period of time. Fruits may also have to be dispensed with for a period also. White and refined foods also need to be cut out so that the body’s yeast build up can die off.

Checklist -Men Who are Susceptible to Yeast Infections

A Natural Self Naturopaty Clinic has also devised a checklist of contexts that may give rise to yeast infections in males. They include men who are:

  • Troubled by foods
  • Troubled by inhalant related allergies (hay fever etc.)
  • Experience repeated jock-itch, athlete’s foot
  • Frequent users of antiobiotic medications
  • The partner of a woman or man with repeated yeast infections
  • Unable to feel well on damp days

When one partner has a yeast infection it is highly likely the other partner will be exposed to this during sex. So always stay informed about your partner’s tendency for yeast infections in the body as this can help you manage your own situation.

So steer clear of white foods and stay healthy.

Enjoy your day.