Medicinals as Gift Ideas

The Global Financial Crisis has given all of us time to pause and reflect. The financial and real estate boom of the early part of the Millennium is over, and the world is now in a state for comparative fiscal contraction.

Anyone who runs any kind of business at present knows that at times like these, the consumer and the client become more wary.

I have a client who is an artist. She is also committed to naturopathy and Chinese Medicine and uses various natural remedies to manage her health. When the GFC hit a few years ago, her lucrative art career collapsed almost overnight, and she was left to ponder career directions and some decision- making about what to do.

Prior to the recession, she would sell a painting a week to art collectors around Australia and overseas. Art as you know is a luxury item, and when the economy begins to flounder, luxury items are the first to stop selling. My client was no longer able to afford all the natural health products she once purchased, nor was she able to come in for her twice weekly kinesiology treatments or her monthly homeopathic remedies.

Natural Health Products and Gift Boxes

It is true that my client was not able to continue on with the very intensive treatments she had undergone during a period of greater financial security. But that did not stop her.

Instead she devised a plan to maintain her commitment to naturopathy and to receiving practitioner treatments, and she asked her friends at Christmas and birthday times to give her vouchers and gifts comprising the many natural remedy products she had begun using regularly when she had more money.

MY client is not selling art like she once was, and like many creative people she has had to supplement her income with some other career and skill options. And she still makes time to come into the clinic and receive her treatments and she still manages to use the quality natural remedies that form an important part of her health routine.

A Naturopath Visit on Your Birthday

Last week was her birthday. Her husband bought her a block of ten naturopathy appointments for her 45th, and she came in and received a comprehensive treatment after she finished work.

Her son bought her a lemon myrtle kit

This valued client has been able to embrace the changes in her financial circumstances with positivity. She has not let this interfere with her health plan and her commitment to natural remedies.

And it shows in the quality of her daily life and everything she does.

Think about new ways to maintain your natural health plan, even in times of financial stress. It can be done.