Managing the disorders of Western lifestyle & ageing. Work holistically for optimal results

The explanation that underneath all symptoms there is a single underlying process and the natural medicine strategy for the management of the spectrum of ‘Western’ diseases and accelerated ageing.

As clinicians, we spend our days treating patients that present with a range of diagnostic labels such as hypertension, dementia, dyslipidemia and infertility. The orthodox medical system treats each of these as discrete diseases that once labeled, can then be treated by the appropriate medical protocol, or referred to the appropriate subspecialty for further care. Increasingly, research is now confirming what Practitioners of Natural Medicine have long believed, that many of these separate diseases are simply varying external manifestations of a single underlying process. The application of strategies that address this core set of metabolic defects is then not just an approach for treating a disease, but can also be seen as a unifying strategy for the management of the spectrum of ‘Western’ diseases and accelerated ageing.

Diet, lifestyle and environment have a substantial impact on female reproductive health. A holistic approach to patient treatment is, therefore, the key to helping give you lasting reproductive health and wellbeing. The Natural Medicines and clinical tools you have at your disposal can help you the relief they need today!

For more detailed help with individual cases of hormonal imbalanceand to discover detailed protocols for these conditions, please contact our professional Naturopathic Practitioner at:

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At this natural clinic, you will find all the latest technology, such as Toxicity and Heavy Metal Testing, Live Blood Analysis (Hemaview), and Iridology. We also treat with all forms of Natural Medicine with the nutritional supplementation of Homeopathy, Western Herbs, Chinese Medicine, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids and Enzyme Therapy.