Make Travel Easier the Natural Self Way

Once upon a time the magnificent earth we inhabit was an unchartered globe of mysterious nether reaches and mystical lands. In the past eras of exploration, travel was relegated to a very select few – to the mighty wanderer and explorer who left the confines of his or her own country and region and set out on vast expeditions that required interminable and detailed funding and sponsorship and planning.

In the great era of empire and colonialism that stretched from the 16th Centuries through to the 20th, established empires such as the Spanish, the Dutch and The British, vied for the unchartered continents and territories of the southern hemisphere. Indigenous populations were displaced and in some cases extinguished and driven to extinction, as the western world took hold with dominating and industrialised force.

Today, the world is a much smaller place. Just about every territory and region of the globe is now accessible, and travel is no longer the domain of a select few explorers and adventurers. You and I and even the family dog are able to travel overseas. Short haul and long haul flights are available to many of us, and airports are crammed and packed with millions of people making the journey to other regions and countries on a daily basis.

Travel Kits
As a naturopath and natural health practitioner who was born in England and who now lives in Australia, I know only too well, the stresses and strains of travel. You are thrown out of your natural circadian rhythms, and your natural eating and dietary patterns are disrupted. Your body’s fluid levels are also affected by altitude and there is added stress and strain on the body. In most severe cases there is even the potential for grueling health problems such as Deep Vein Thrombosis, heart problems and blood pressure problems.[1]

In my personal and professional view, one of the best ways to manage and deal with flight ad travel related health issues is to use natural remedies that may support you with a more comfortable journey. A Natural Self online shopping cart offers a number of different travel kits that can help with your travel plans.

A number of natural products that help with sleep and snoring and calming the nerves are also available and these may help on long haul flights or with travel across country by train or bus.

If you would like more information about the range of products offered by A Natural Self, visit our online supermarket today. It’s one stop shopping from the convenience of your home or office.