Low carbohydrate weight loss program

Dietary and lifestyle prescriptions need to be an important focus in practice today, as we are confronted everyday with conditions associated with the rising obesity epidemic. Australia and New Zealand are now considered the fattest nations in the world, and with obesity linked to so many chronic health disorders, there is a serious need for safe and effective weight management programs. The Shake It Professional Weight Management Program responds to this need with a diet and lifestyle prescription that delivers scientifically proven and clinically effective results to help turn the tide on obesity.

Low carbohydrate diets, such as Shake It Professional Weight Management Program, are shown to provide more effective results than conventional low fat diets for fat loss, whilst providing many additional benefits beyond fat reduction, in the treatment of the overweight and obese. These diets balance moderate protein intake with carbohydrate restriction to exert positive effects on short and long-term health.

Shake It Off in Six Easy Steps!

The Shake It Professional Weight Management Program is easy to follow with six key principles:

  1. Replace one meal per day with a high protein meal replacement, soup or bar.
  2. Consume two other meals per day consisting of one palm size portion of protein and three handfuls of allowable vegetables. One handful of fruit can replace one handful of vegetables once per day.
  3. Consume two high protein snacks per day.
  4. Include healthy oils as a part of the diet.
  5. Exercise regularly – aiming for 40 minutes of moderate intensity exercise four times per week.
  6. Measure ketones using Ketostix™ twice daily.

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