Is there a Balance between Therapeutic Lifestyle Change sand the need to Treat the Underlying Causes of Disease? Naturopaths and Natural Therapies bring the Body and the Mind together

If there is a downside to TLCs it is in the sustained commitment needed to maximize their benefits. Dr. Walsh points out that in a number of ways, society does not promote their cultivation. He also says that we have “a passive expectation that healing comes from an outside authority or a pill” and are not encouraged to adopt TLCs as habitual aspects of our lifestyle. In order for them to really have an impact on society as a whole, they must be promoted at all levels of authority, including educators, health professionals, such as herbalists, homeopaths, nutritionists, dietitians, naturopaths and even political leaders.

While we may not all be political or social leaders, we can all adopt healthy lifestyle changes or TLCs in our personal lives. Not only can they improve the quality of our personal lives, but by leading by example, we may be able to help others.

At A Natural Self Naturopathy clinic the following tests can be provided to help discover where the more long term imbalances derive themselves from. Such tests as; Electro dermal Screening, Live Blood Analysis, Hemaview, Allergy Testing, Heavy Metal Testing, Chemical Testing, Mineral Deficiency Testing, Vitamin Deficiency Testing, Iridology, Tongue and Nail Diagnosis and Toxicity Testing are all tests that can inform the individual of what they need to do in order to get to a state of health. Once healthy, TLC will do the rest in order to maintain that level of health that you have achieved.