Is Chicken Really Good For You?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about food> i frequently write and talk about the need to fill your body with high quality “fuel” and for human beings, that “fuel” is simply good and wholesome food.

Sounds simple. Right?

Well, many of you will still like to think so. But the reality is that most people in today’s western world struggle to live well and eat well.

There are so many stresses and strains and commitments that come tumbling down upon each and every one of us, and this often means that issues such as natural health and the need for natural products in your diet get sidelined or viewed as an afterthought!

Chicken and White Meat

Over the past several years many people have introduced white meats into their diets as an alternative to red meats. Any nutritionist will tell you this is a great thing as it adds variety to the diet and can help with health issues associated with too much rich meat consumption.

One of the most longstanding myths concerning Australian poultry meat is that is contains hormones. The common view is that the chicken you buy has been fed on growth hormones that can in turn affect your own hormone balances and most importantly, the hormone balances of your adolescent and young children.

The Australian Chicken Meat Federation

The ACMF states that chicken consumption has increased “from 6kg annually in 1964 to an astonishing 43.5kg in 2010.”[1] It has also ensured that all chickens grown in Australia are now hormone free, so the issue of hormones in poultry may not be an issue.

But problems remain in relation to poultry farm conditions, quality of the meat when compared to organic and free range poultry products and also the naturopathic and nutritional value of the white meat being consumed.

While hormones are no longer use in the Australian poultry industry certain “growth promoters” are.[2] In fact there are many synthetic substances that are used that are not exactly hormones, but can interfere with your health and your endocrine system.

Nutritional Value of Chicken

If you poultry products look for organic and free range chicken products as these may have a higher protein and amino acids content than the non-organic alternatives. They also tend to taste better. They may also be less impacted or contaminated by synthetic additives.

So, choose your white meats wisely. Focus on healthy dietary choices as part of your physical maintenance programme. And if you have any concerns or queries, speak with a nutritionist, dietician or naturopath as soon as possible.

Have a wonderful day.