Insulin Resistance and Toxicity

Many patients are simply unaware of their dire metabolic risks, as they live with largely asymptomatic high blood pressure, high cholesterol and poor blood sugar control. However, they are aware of their fatigue, abdominal obesity, depression, hormonal imbalance, erectile dysfunction, including impotence and premature ejaculation and/or insomnia, all commonly associated with Diabetes and Insulin Resistance. Insulin resistance is associated with an entire web of conditions that extends beyond cardiovascular disease and diabetes; also implicated are epithelial cell carcinomas (breast, colon and prostate cancer), acne and polycystic ovarian syndrome.7 High calorie, high carbohydrate diet, sedentary lifestyles and relentless stress are all known drivers of insulin resistance; however genetic predisposition, gut toxicity and vitamin D insufficiency are also known to predispose patients to this hormonal disturbance. Toxicity plays a huge part in this condition and it is imperative that the ultimate goal is the pursuit of detoxification program that specifically target bowel and liver detox.

Turning the Key to Optimum Health

Due to the chronic multi-factorial nature of Insulin Resistance, treatment must take on a comprehensive long-term focus to encompass dietary, exercise and lifestyle prescriptions combined with effective Natural Medicines to overcome insulin resistance and restore optimum metabolic health. Key recommendations are listed in Table One.

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