Insulin resistance and its ultimate consequences of acne, weight gain, and metabolic syndrome. Natural products in naturopathy provide a world of help for any health issue

In conjunction with dietary and lifestyle changes, the herbs pomoeabatatas (Caiapo), Cinnamomum cassia (Cinnamon) may improve the body’s handling of glucose and help to manage the myriad of long-term consequences associated with insulin resistance. Whilst insulin resistance and its ultimate consequences (e.g. acne, weight gain, Metabolic Syndrome) are becoming increasingly common, if we can crack the code on insulin resistance, this metabolic dysfunction can be easily managed. Natural Medicines can provide you with valuable support in restoring your patients to health and vitality! Natural products in Naturopathy provide a world of help for any health issue. Through tools such as Live blood analysis, we can discover the causes the weight again, acne and Insulin resistance. This is the key to treatment, and differs completely to the drug protocol that Western Medicine gives out.

This naturopathy clinic provides all the latest testing here in Fremantle. Come in a have a Live Blood Analysis with our Hemaview testing. Iridology, nail and tongue diagnosis is also done along with an initial test for your conditions. Call our Naturopath here in Femantle,


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