Infants and Naturopathy

Have you thought about naturopathic advice for your children?

For most people, allopathic (traditional western) medicine is the preferred method when it comes to their infants’ ailments and illnesses. Of course this approach may be very necessary and appropriate and in many instances may even be life saving.

But there is also a place for naturopathy and natural health and alternative health strategies when it comes to your toddler.

Seeking the advice of a qualified naturopath for your baby or toddler can help you with a preventative approach to childhood illness.

Your naturopath may be able to help you with the following approaches for your precious little one:

  • Chinese Medicine
  • Natural remedies
  • Homeopathics and Homeopathy
  • Ayurvedic Medicine and Ayurveda herbs
  • Kinesiology
  • A host of other treatments and modalities

Your Child and Nutrition

Did you know that your child’s nutritional status can be linked to all sorts of problems such as anxiety, mood swings, hyperactivity, lethargy, skin conditions, gut problems and allergies…just to name a few?

Consulting a naturopath can help you to develop a consolidated nutrition programme for your infant that is age specific and contains all the vitamins, minerals and natural health components he or she may need to grow and thrive. A good naturopath can provide you and your child with a holistic management approach that is both preventative and restorative.


The Naturopathy for Children site states that “homeopathy is a gentle, safe and effective system of health care which does not have the side effects associated with conventional medicine.”[1]

It is particularly good for childhood ailments because it deals with the whole child and not just the symptom. The naturopath/homeopath will consider physical and emotional and psychological conditions impacting the infant and prescribe homeopathic remedies based on this total profile.

It can also help with behavioural problems, night terrors and sleep problems.

These remedies must be used in conjunction with professional guidance and if there is any doubt, consult your health professional. Some of the homeopathics suitable for children include:

  • aconite – excellent for the first stages or early signs of sickness
  • arnica- great for injuries and pain,trauma (cuts, scrapes, bruises)
  • belladonna – for fever
  • chamomile – for colic, teething, soothing
  • hepar sulphur – for sore throats and colds[2]

You can also source a number of excellent child-friendly homeopathic remedy kits. Some of these are available at A Natural Self website and include:

  • homeopathic sleep kit
  • Kidz Cold Kit
  • Cold Onset Kit

Be sure to consider a natural remedies approach when it comes to your toddlers and infants.

You and your family might really benefit.

And if you are in the local area of Fremantle, make sure you drop by A Natural Self clinic to ask for personal assistance or information.

Have a wonderful day.