Illness, Cholesterol, Diabetes and Weight Loss Management

As well as addressing individual variations in different illnesses and imbalances in the body, addressing weight loss is a critical part of successful management ill health. Insulin usually plays a regulatory role in the metabolism of blood lipids by inhibiting liver VLDL production and promoting the breakdown of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins. In type 2 diabetes, however, disturbances in the PI3K intracellular insulin signaling pathway, along with hepatic resistance to insulin’s inhibitory effect on VLDL production, result in detrimental alterations in blood lipid profiles. Atherogenic lipid profiles commonly seen in type 2 diabetes are often accompanied by reduced LDL receptor expression (and a subsequent reduction in LDL catabolism), along with greater LDL oxidization which increases atherosclerotic risk and amplifies inflammation.

Targeted treatment for high cholesterol

Managing dyslipidemia (high cholesterol) truly requires a multifaceted treatment strategy that includes comprehensive dietary and lifestyle intervention (e.g. KetogenicWeight Loss Management Program). In addition, the following recommendations may provide effective, targeted options in normalizing specific blood lipid profiles: fish oil (Omega 3 and DHA), herbs for normalizing blood Sugar, herbs for reducing inflammation and an effective and specific diet for losing weight (putting the body into Ketosis using the Ketogenic Diet). Please refer to details of our naturopathic clinic, where our naturopath can provide you with the advice, natural supplements and nutrition to go with your weight management plan:

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