How Your Illness Can Work For You

Your ailments and your illnesses can be important markers for you.

When you think of illness, do you think of a terrible condition that requires fixing immediately with the help of copious quantities of pharmaceutical drugs? If so, there may be another way to consider the problem.

Of course, nobody likes to get sick and tired. But there are ways you can use illness and physical issues to act as catalysts for change. You can use illness and ailments as the beginning point for starting on a new natural health regime.

Here is an example of what can be done.

Case Study

Julie is a fairly typical 38 year old who lives in Perth in Australia. Her weight is average and her diet is average. She tries not to eat too much junk food, but occasionally eats take away and admits to consuming a little too much sugar and white processed foods.

At the beginning of 2011 Julie began to feel a bit tired and run down. She went to her allopathic practitioner – a GP in her local suburb – who ran a series of blood tests. These revealed she had high cholesterol and slightly higher than usual blood pressure. She also has some Irritable Bowel Syndrome problems which means she is not absorbing her nutrients properly.[1]

Her General Practitioner prescribed her blood pressure tablets and suggested she change to a low cholesterol diet. He suggested she come back for routine visits to keep an eye on things and if the situation got worse, he would prescribe her further medications.

She followed this advice but felt there was more she could do.

Taking Responsibility

Julie decided to look at her health a bit more closely.

One of her friends began to visit a naturopath in 2010 and the changes in her were obvious to all. Julie rang her and asked her about the steps she had taken and her friend suggested she contact a local naturopath and incorporate some naturopathic alternatives to the standard allopathic mode of treatment.

Julie knows the value of some forms of allopathic medicine. But she also knows there is a lot she can do to alter the way she approaches her ailments. She found a suitable naturopath to work with and is now working on the following:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Homeopathic treatments
  • Ayurvedic approaches

Her naturopath understands a variety of modalities and is able to use an eclectic mix of natural remedy treatments that are transforming Julie’s health.

Julie’s naturopath also has a background as a nutritionist and has also been able to guide her on dietary changes and an elimination of junk food and processed foods. She has also received dietary guidance for her IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) issues and he symptoms have lessened.


Julie’s naturopath has also encouraged Julie to begin swimming laps daily. She started small and simple at the local pool, managing only 1 x 50 metre lap. She is now swimming 300 metres a day and is walking to and from the pool in her lunch hour. This freshens her mind and her soul and the added bonus is she has lost a little bit of weight.

You too can improve your natural health. Do what Julie has done. You will be amazed.

See you tomorrow!