How You Make Naturopathy Work for You

So often, individuals come into the naturopathy clinic and ask about natural health. They come in to the clinical environment and they often assume that the way I will treat them is just an alternative health version of traditional western medicine. But is it?


Today I want to explain to you about naturopathy and alternative natural remedy approaches and your role in this healing process. You will be surprised!

A Good Naturopathy Clinic is all about YOU

Western and tradition allopathic medicine works and functions from a very different foundation point than naturopathy. You the patient are an almost passive vessel in this process, and the general practitioner and the medicine or course of treatment take centre stage in the healing process. All you have to do is identify the health issue, go to the doctor who takes the lead and the active role in identifying the health problem, and then prescribes the magic wonder drug that will eliminate your symptoms quickly and efficiently.

Or so the story goes….

But what is not often articulated is one of the most important factors:

This process actually renders you – the patient – as a bit player – a secondary contributor to your own healing process. Your job is to simply turn up, give a bit of information, have the doctor diagnose and prescribe and then go and purchase the magic wonder drug which you will take for a little while.

It may be effective in ridding you of surface symptoms, but does it actually teach you much about healing yourself and looking after your own body for the long term and for a lifetime?

I don’t think so.

The Naturopathic Way and Self-Responsibility

Alternative medicine encourages you to actually take responsibility for yourself.  My job is to operate as a killed conduit or facilitator – as a practitioner who helps you take an active role in getting yourself well and healing yourself.

This is how alternative therapies differ from their western counterparts. Whether the modality is naturopathy, kinesiology, homeopathy or ayurveda, you are brought into the healing process and encouraged and facilitated so that you actually sit in the proverbial “driver’s seat.” It is your job to make the real decisions and to make the long term changes that will facilitate deep and lasting healing on a physical, spiritual and emotional and behavioural level.

You are an active participant.

You are the key to your own inner health.

You are the one at the centre of your own process.

You are the force that drives your own inner changes at the deepest and realest of levels.[1]

Whether your ailment is complex or simple, a skin condition or a more aggressive and deap seated problem is not the point. The real issue is you can be guided to take the responsibility and action required to transform your life.

It’s a powerful statement.

And it’s true.

Have a fantastic day and remember to take action today.

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