How to Use DHEA Responsibly

The natural products and natural remedies industry is full of supplements, herbal tinctures, mixtures, vitamins and mineral for you to use. But as a naturopath, I most frequently advise clients to work from the clear and comprehensive platform of a balanced diet.

I also suggest a programmed of exercise and sensible outdoor activities.

And that does not mean you have to become a super triathlete in a month.

Instead it means building up from a couple of gentle walks per week in your local area or parklands, or perhaps walking to the bus stop or station rather than getting a lift in a car. It means taking things gradually and sensibly, particularly if you are not used to exercising and your body has been “on the proverbial couch” for a little too long.


One “wonder product” that has been in the news over the past few years is DHEA.  The letters stand for dehydroepiandrosterone. This substance is in fact an adrenal hormone that is secreted by the adrenal glands of the human body. Cortisol – the stress hormone is also produced by the adrenals.

In human beings, the balance of cortisol and DHEA is roughly equal until you reach your 30’s. Then DHEA production seems to slow down a bit, which can be problematic because it has properties that help it to fight against the affects of the cortisol on cells.

Cambridge University Study on DHEA and Natural Health

Dr. Felicia Huppert is an Australian researcher working in The Department of Psychiatry at Cambridge University. She performed research into DHEA to see if it was really as powerful a supplement as some in the natural health industry are saying.

She maintains DHEA is an exceedingly important material for our brains. “It’s a neuro-protective,” she says. “It protects brain-cells and particularly it protects them again the toxic effects of the cortisol, particularly in the memory area – which is known as the hippocampus.”[1]

DHEA may help to prevent ageing

She also points out that DHEA is also an immune protective and as such, it may help to reduce the impact of ageing.

It may also help to improve a person’s sense of overall wellness and uplift your mood and your outlook on life.

The most important aspect to consider when taking DHEA is choosing a decent supplement and also taking it with guidance from your doctor or your naturopath. IT can be purchased over the counter and online through pharmaceutical suppliers and natural health suppliers such as A Natural Self, and it is important to follow the instructions and use it in a responsible manner.

Use your supplements wisely. Seek out the guidance of a natural health practitioner or a specialist.

And have a wonderful day.