How to Use Australian Bush Flowers

The power of herbs and flowers cannot be overstated. Since time immemorial, human beings have been sourcing wonder products from the natural world and utilising these to treat and cure ailments and illnesses.

Attuning to Natural Products

The indigenous populations around the world have encyclopaedic wisdom about the natural herbs and resources of their immediate environment. Tribes and populations of indigenous peoples have, over thousands of years of adaptation and symbiosis, learned to respect and listen to the plants from their environments. These have then been incorporated into healing, shamanic practices, spiritual pursuits and medicinal materials that form an important part of ritual and culture.

Many natural health practitioners and dieticians have a healthy respect and understanding of the natural world and its healing properties. According to Australian Bush Flower Remedies’ Ian White, Australian bush flowers can help “people deal with the issues of the 21st century – sexuality, communication skills, and spirituality to name but a few.”[1]

Newtons Pharmacy – one of the leading natural products pharmacies in Australia, supplying herbal, homeopathic and compounding natural remedies also advocates the use of Australian bush flowers.

A whole range of Australian flower essences is available, including the following:

  • Alpine Mint Bush – excellent to help heal from mental and emotional exhaustion, joylessness and a tendency towards over-responsibility
  • Banksia Robur – great for listlessness and loss of self-motivation
  • Billy Goat Plum – helps with self-loathing and sexual guilt and loathing
  • Bush Iris – helps challenge materialism, excessive attitudes, and helps to develop spiritual insight and abstract thought and senses beyond the material plane
  • Green Spider Orchid – great for nightmares and phobias
  • Gymea Lily – helps you to develop humility and surrender
  • Old Man Banksia – fosters the ability to “go with the flow” and accept the random process of living life
  • She Oak – helps with female gynaecological irregularities
  • Waratah – helps to alleviate depression and futility[2]

Australia’s Flowers

Australia actually has some of the world’s most ancient flowering plants. They are particularly robust and resilient because of the extreme climatic conditions they experience in Australia and they have a particular potency and vitality that has been sourced and utilised by the Australian aborigines for thousands of years.

It is an incredibly potent form of harmonisation and healing that can be incorporated into your wellness program and natural remedy programme. They can also be used for various childhood issues such as ADHD and hyperactivity issues. Naturopath Ian White from Sydney, maintains the use of these remedies can easily and effectively replace the standard and more disturbing use of Ritalin or Concerta which is advocated by allopathic medicine practitioners.

For more information on Australian Bush Flower Essences speak with your naturopath or natural therapies mentor.

Have a wonderful day.