How to Treat an Abscess the Natural Way

An abscess is only one of many skin conditions that can affect the body. They can occur due to infection and may be related to stapphylococcus. Accumulated pus and dead tissue can build up in the tissue or organs, both internally and externally and therefore require effective and clean and clear treatment. The allopathic mode of treatment is to prescribe quantities of antibiotic medication which may rid the body of the underlying infection but may also rid it of many important and good probiotics that you need for good health.[1]

Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy all follow a different approach to the standard allopathic one and seek to heal the body at a foundational and holistic level that strengthens the immune system, boosts resistance to infection and increases the body’s ability to do its own fighting.


The affected area becomes hot, red, tender, swollen and inflamed.[2] If the abscess is severe, the individual may also suffer fatigue and a sense of being run down. Fever, chills and loss of appetite and weight may occur in more severe cases.

The area may become too tender to touch and may be intensely painful.

Nutrient Supplements to Clear your Abscess

You can aid your body’s healing by taking and/or applying some of the following supplements and products:

  • Zinc – try for about 80-100mg daily but divide these doses into portions throughout the day. It is a potent and reliable immune stimulant that can help to clear infection
  • Coenzyme A – facilitates detoxification of the body
  • Colloidal silver – use as a topical and natural antibiotic and disinfectant. Can also be consumed orally
  • Garlic – do not forget this wonder food. Excellent for skin tissue healing and is a tried and true natural antibiotic
  • Vitamin A – 50,000 IU for 5 days. It facilitates tissue healing and strengthens cell walls so they can fight off bacteria more effectively
  • Vitamin C-  7,000-20,000mg daily in divided doses. Look for one that contains bioflavinoids
  • Vitamin E – 200 IU each day taken orally. Also cut open a capsule and apply it topically to the infected area.

You may also like to increase the following foods:

  • Pineapple  (enzymes in pineapple help healing)
  • Kelp (minerals help with healing and body’s immunity)

A quick cleanse detox may be required after the abscess has cleared to restore health and balance to your flagging body and compromised immune system. This can help with removal of toxins and bacteria from the body and with cleansing the blood, toning the gallbladder and other organs.

Also consult your natural remedies specialist or practitioner for further advice should the problem persist.

Have a lovely day and stay healthy!