How to Reduce Your Risk of Drug Interactions

I recently wrote a blog article on drug interactions. I was motivated to do so by a client who was combining certain drugs and experiencing some disturbing side effects. She and I were eventually able to sort out the problem and work out some solutions but the situation motivated me to consider writing up a small blog piece on how to reduce your risk of drug interactions. A Natural Self Clinic hopes these suggestions will help you on your natural health journey.

There are indeed a few practical steps you can take to minimise drug interactions in your life. Here are a few very simple but effective techniques that can help prevent you experiencing unwanted contraindication side-effects.

  • Be aware that drug interactions DO exist and they can affect you and your loved ones.
  • Remember that nutrients and food and beverages can all interact with supplements and medications you are taking
  • Always read every label thoroughly and carefully. This applies to all prescription drugs as well as all over the counter drugs. Many people assume over the counter drugs will not cause interactions. Be aware that they can and they DO.
  • If you are taking specific drugs on a regular basis, learn about the any warnings or conflicts that can occur with these. Educate yourself and stay informed. Knowledge is power.
  • Do your own internet search regarding the drugs you are taking. There are even now specific drug interaction websites that can give you the information you need regarding the medications you are taking.
  • Do not trust ANY verbal advice until you check with a health care practitioner, a General Practitioner, your naturopath or any other health care specialist such as your homeopath or Ayurvedic doctor. Verbal advice is NOT a substitute for trained knowledge.
  • Inform your health care practitioner of any medications, herbal supplements, vitamins or minerals you are taking. Inform them of ALL of these.
  • Ask your health care practitioner if there are any foods or beverages that will conflict with the medication or supplements you have been advised to take.
  • Keep a clear list and record of all the supplements and medications you are taking. Show this to your health care providers every so often and ask them to take a detailed look to see if there are any contraindication problems on the list.
  • Try to use the same health care providers. Develop a personal relationship with your naturopath or your homeopath, with your pharmacist and doctor and with your Chinese Medicine provider. This gives you continuity over time and allows your providers to understand your requirements long term. It also means they have good and clear records of what you have taken and when and this can help them monitor any conflicts that might arise.

It’s a simple but clear list of guidelines from A Natural Self Clinic in Fremantle, Western Australia. We hope it helps you avoid drug interaction problems and allows you to live as fully and healthily as possible.

Have a beautiful day!