How to Reduce Your Exposure to Radiation. What Naturopaths and Natural Medicine say about Mobile Phone Emissions

The dangers of a mobile phone have become a new stress to natural therapies, which battles constantly with trying to maintain the health of the population. Naturopaths must now deal with a plethora of new pandemics. Natural medicine always tries to prevent illness, bot treat disease. So this blog is all about trying to prevent and avoid.

There are a number of small changes you can make to reduce your exposure to mobile phone radiation:

  • Consider purchasing a low radiation mobile phone.
  • Minimize call time and consider texting more.
  • Use a headset or the speaker function when making calls.
  • Only make calls when the call quality is good, otherwise your phone has to work harder to transmit and consequently emits more radiation.
  • Children’s brains absorb double the amount of phone radiation than adults, so try limiting use when they are in this developmental stage.
  • Consider attaching a low cost radiation harmonizer to your mobile phone – this is designed to neutralize the noxious radiation emissions.

Even though your mobile phone may well be your best friend, remember that radiation does carry health risks so be sensible until we know more about this technology and its impact on our health.

To suggest that a high fiber diet may lower risk of dying from most of the leading causes of death is quite a statement. However, that is exactly what the U.S. National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) DrYikyung Park and colleagues from AARP and the NCI are saying. This says nothing of these new influences such as mobile phone radiation. It is ignorant to suggest such a simple prophylactic for all. It is always important to consult your naturopath for individual advice. Where one has the most weaknesses, is where cancer will hit, so natural therapies can treat those specific areas with specific supplements that address the cause of the condition.

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