How to Maintain Bowel Health

Over the past twenty years a great deal of knowledge has been amassed about diet and bowel health. The modern era is replete with stories about bowel cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and the dangers of processed and white foods. Certainly, bowel problems can be painful and uncomfortable and can also affect quality of life, sleeping patterns, general and specific health and even your social life.

So, how can you improve your general bowel health and make sure your small and large intestines are functioning well?

A Natural Self Naturopath Clinic has a few key suggestions, gleaned from much research, trial and error and a well founded knowledge of the natural remedy and natural products market.

Naturopath Dana Kington says there are many strategies that can be adopted and introduced into one’s daily life. These will make a huge difference to bowel health and may prevent such ailments as Bowel Cancer – a condition which is probably “far more common in individuals who don’t have much fibre in their diet and who eat a lot of red meat and fat.” Bowel ill health is also far less common in cultures where fish, vegetable and rice are consumed and where adequate levels of fibre are consumed.

The British Medical Journal has also released research that indicates Diverticular disease – commonly referred to as “a disease of western civilisation” is far less common in vegetarians than meat eaters. The study was extensive and was carried out over a period of 11 years. Vegetarians had a 31% lower risk of Diverticular disease than meat eaters.

Tips for a Healthy Bowel

Sure, you may want to give up red meat, and that is always an option. But even if you do choose to eat meat, you can still do a lot to maintain bowel health:

  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Reduce your white food intake
  • Introduce some major therapeutic lifestyle changes such as walking, drinking herb teas and even meditation.
  • Introduce natural health supplements into your diet
  • Introduce fresh juices
  • See a nutritionist for guidance on your diet
  • Make an appointment with a trained naturopath
  • Eat wholemeal grains and breads

Introduce water into your diet as a daily flusher

Consider colonic irrigation to reduce bowel matter build up. This is particularly good to do after a detoxification programme.

While Western Medical training only has a 6 week component of Nutrition in a 6 year course, the naturopathic approach is grounded in health and diet and the link between all aspects of who we are:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

Consider a holistic approach. Work with a qualified practitioner who can help you to improve bowel health and all aspects of your life and wellbeing.

For more information you can contact Dana Kington at A Natural Self or you can drop by and see her at the Fremantle rooms.