How to Create Muscle Bulk

Most people want to be fit and healthy. And most men want to make sure they feel and look good. Many men come into the naturopathy clinic and want to know how they can improve their fitness and their muscle bulk and muscle tone. There are several important and fairly basic strategies you can implement if you want to improve your health and fitness as a man.

Here are some of the ideas I have formulated over the years to help men with their health and fitness and their muscle tone.

A Good Exercise Regime

A good exercise programme is vital to good health, and if you are a male who wants to increase muscle bulk and tone then it is essential. Variety is the key.

And of course it is also important to avoid burnout. Do not do too much to begin with. Try to incorporate exercise into your life for the long term. Try to develop a routine that fits in with your individual needs and requirements and with your lifestyle.

Consider a balanced regime that incorporates the following

  • Aerobic activity – this does not have to be gruelling. Start off with a walk each morning and build up stamina over time. If a walk each day is too much, then just do two walks a week and mix up other aspects of your exercise regime with these.
  • Weights and gym training – this will help to increase muscle bulk. But make sure you get quality advice from an instructor who can help you to use weights without injury or straining yourself. Start small and build up. Ask your gym practitioner about repetitions and a programme that helps to strengthen your weak areas.
  • Interval training – this involves short and powerful bursts of energy followed by a lull time, then another intense period etc. “This tends to burn fat more effectively than low intensity exercise as it speeds up your metabolism and keeps it elevated for some time after your workout.”[1]
  • Yoga or Pilates – according to Pilates expert Gina Richter, “Pilates promotes overall physical wellbeing for people and helps develop core muscles using resistance training and controlled movement.”[2]


You may also want to use some natural health supplements especially designed for men and physical body building and strengthening. Products that contain specially formulate dherbs that promote male hormone production and the anabolic profile of men may be beneficial.

Other products that help with electrolyte and mineral supplementation and with carbohydrate supplementation may also be beneficial during training.

And of course remember that a healthy diet must be one of the foundations of a new exercise regime. Your naturopath and/or dietician can help guide you with a balanced approach and necessary vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements or other forms for natural remedies and support.

Good luck on your journey and remember a healthy body leads to a healthy spirit and a healthy mind.

Have a great day.