How to Balance Out Your Endocrine System

Your body is like a fine and well oiled machine. It requires fine tuning and harmonising on a regular basis and one of the reasons people visit naturopathy clinics or natural remedies practitioners is so they can gain valuable insight into making sure their bodies operate effectively and in as unified a manner as possible.

Your endocrine system

One of the most important aspects of health – and one that may frequently be overlooked – is your endocrine system. This is a vast array and systemic linkage of glands around the body that link in with each other and that release important hormones into the bloodstream. The whole system is a bit like a massive slow-release system with hormones being released at a far slower pace than the chemicals of the nervous system.

The hormones that are released in this manner are slow to generate and activate and then help to regulate a host of physiological functions and processes including:

  • Tissue function
  • Growth and size and development
  • Mood patterns
  • Metabolic function

Some of the endocrine organs include the following:

  • Hypothalamus
  • Pineal body
  • Pituitary glad
  • Alimentary system
  • Thyroid
  • Kidney
  • Adrenal glands
  • Reproductive organs

Endocrine Problems

If your endocrine system is out, a host of other problems ensues. An imbalance in any one area of the system can lead to hormonal disharmonies and various health problems from depression and mood swings through to weight problems or even sexual problems. Diabetes, thyroid diseases, hypoglycaemia, osteoporosis, calcium irregularities as well as tumours and other adrenal problems are related to endocrine dysfunction.[1]

Natural Remedies and Natural Health Solutions

Many people resort to allopathic medicine if they have endocrine issues. But as a naturopath, I always support the use of the natural alternative, and encourage my patients to change their diets and exercise, as well as introduce various natural products that may help to regulate any endocrine dysfunctions.

Herbs are a magnificent medicinal tool that can be incorporated into an endocrine balancing regime. Here are some key herbs that are often prescribed and used to reinvigorate the endocrine system.

  • Burdock Root – can be combined with dandelion to make a wonderful tea that is good for both the endocrine system and the liver. It is high in iron and other minerals so is also a wonderful blood tonic
  • Dandelion – acts as a great tonic for the endocrine glands
  • Liquorice Root – this is a major tonic for the endocrine system and is easy to use in tea form and extremely accessible and available. It normalises and balances hormone production and contains hormones that are similar in chemical structure to adrenal cortical hormones. It also contains some steroidal and estrogenic capacities so can kick start your flagging or sluggish hormone system
  • Seaweed – can be taken as a food source and used in cooking. Add it to miso soups or rice rolls. It has an exceedingly high mineral content which stimulates the endocrine system.[2]

These are only a few of the available herbs that can help your endocrine system. For more detailed advice, see your natural remedies specialist or an alternative health care practitioner or naturopathic consultant who can advise you more fully.

Have a great day and enjoy your liquorice tea.