How to Approach Muscle Pain

You can treat your muscle pain with natural products and this is how you do it!

No pain, no gain…or so they say.

If you go to the gym, you may know the discomfort of working out. I have a number of friends who train quite regularly, and the weights and circuit training can leave their muscles aching and tired and even torn.  Similarly, if you do any other form of training or exercise such as running, jogging, yoga, swimming or cycling, your muscles can experience muscle tiredness of what is known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness.)

DOMS usually reaches your body a day or two after you have worked out.[1] It is caused by the new use and exertion of muscles that have been stretched beyond their usual limit.

If you experience DOMS, you need to know that it is part of the normal process of adaptation that is part and parcel of a new or more rigorous exercise programme.


Acceptance of this fact is key to you persisting with your new exercise regime and continuing on with your progress.

You may also want to educate yourself on the science of DOMS so that you can better understand the processes your body is undergoing and undertaking with the introduction of a new and eccentric exercise programme.

According to Miller, Bailey, Barnes and Derr, protease supplementation can in fact help with the recovery from this type of muscle soreness and pain. Their results “indicate that protease supplementation may attenuate muscle soreness after downhill running. Protease supplementation may also facilitate muscle healing and allow for faster restoration of contractile function after intense exercise.[2]

Natural Remedies and Treatments

Many exercisers also turn to natural remedies and natural products to aid with their exercise programme. Some also seek the advice of a good nutritionist and/or dietician and also work with a naturopath or other alternative style practitioner who can help them to consolidate their exercise with the following:

  • Healthy, balanced diet
  • Natural remedies supplements
  • Herbs
  • Massage
  • Yoga

Some of the natural products favoured by males in the gym who are developing or undergoing a new and concentrated exercise routine include the men’s gym kit that is available through A Natural Self’s online supermarket.

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Have a great day.