How Natural Products Can Help You

Today, A Natural Self Clinic considers chemical contamination and how detoxification processes can help to rid your body of toxic build up.

The recent Orica chemical spill in Newcastle, Australia reminds us to take health, chemical contamination and community issues seriously.

If you are a parent, a family member or have children in your care, the issue becomes even more pressing.

Chemical Threats to the Modern Community

Local Stockton residents who have been impacted by the chromium leak into their community have rallied with strong words over the past weeks.[1] The Orica Company withheld information from local safety services when the accident occurred. This meant that residents who live around the plant were not notified for 3 days about the dangers they were exposed to.

The material that leaked into the atmosphere is hexavalent chromium, a potentially carcinogenic substance that can damage health, lungs, organs and the smooth and particularly increases the risk of lung cancer. This is the same substance that was made famous in the Hinkley Case publicised by Erin Brockovich in the early 1990’s.[2]

Natural Remedies and Detoxification

If you have been exposed to heavy metals or chemicals – and let’s face it – this is simply a part of modern life, then you can be proactive and take steps to reduce their physiological impact on your body.

Here are a few quick tips that can help:

  • Seek advice from a naturopath who can help you develop a detox programme
  • Source products that help you cleanse the body – either through the digestive system, the liver, the bowel and even via the feet!
  • Undergo a thorough chemical testing process under the supervision of your  practitioner
  • Consider Electro-Dermal Screening to check on the presence of chemicals in your body.
  • Consider a hair analysis test for heavy metals exposure


If concentrations of chemicals are high enough these can be identified and targeted using electro-dermal screening. This can also be augmented with hair analysis testing which will also show other levels of contamination.

Your Treatment Plan – A 100 point body system check

Your treatment plan needs to be tailored to your needs and your individual profile. Undertaking any kind of detoxification process can be a significant but worthwhile commitment.

For best results, always make sure your treatment plan is overseen by an ethical and responsible natural therapies advisor or practitioner who will place your best interests at heart.

Your care and wellbeing needs to come first, so seek out a natural health expert who respects and shares this philosophy. Naturopath Dana Kington has devised a thorough 100 point body systems check that can give you the comprehensive detail you need about your health and your body and your personalised treatment.

This can form the basis of your treatment approach and give you the information you need to move forward with your health.

Detoxification Products

When sourcing detoxification products also make sure you are fully informed about their efficacy and their actions. A good naturopath will be willing to help and will be able to advise you expertly.

Lastly, detoxification and looking after your health doesn’t have to be a major downer and a trial. It can be exciting, fun and proactive.

Good luck on your journey!