Homeopathics and Natural Remedies

Homeopathy / Relaxation

Today I wanted to make another mention of the wonderful attributes of Homeopathics. This often overlooked and subtle form of natural remedy is astoundingly powerful and accurate and treats the client with a gentle and longstanding process that aims to strengthen the body so that it is trained to heal itself and fight off infections.

A new patient recently spoke to me about her first encounter with homeopathy. She was only about 24 at the time, and living on the east coast of Australia. She had been in a long term relationship that had recently ended and to make matters worse, she was about to undergo a very distressing pregnancy termination.

One of the clinicians at the clinic she attended was a general practitioner who also worked with natural therapies and various modalities including kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, some ayurveda and homeopathy. She told my client that the few weeks after the termination would no doubt be difficult, but that a fairly frequent use of “rescue remedy” might help to stabilize emotions.[1] The practitioner handed my client a small bottle and told her about the required doses. My client began using it immediately and was happy with the results.

She has been committed to the use of Homeopathics ever since.

That was thirty years ago!

According to research produced in 2007 at the University of Miami School of Nursing, stress and anxiety can be alleviated successfully using rescue remedy. This is just one example of a whole host of homeopathic remedies and Bach flowers that can be used to treat illness and various conditions.[2]

In “Homeopathy: A Critical Appraisal,” authors Ernst and Hahn consider a full account of homeopathics including its history and it efficacy and use.[3] It contains seventeen comprehensive papers that include topics such as properties and potentisation, and also considers various aspects of Homeopathy that are sometimes under question. A comprehensive review of the book can be found on the Homeopathy Heals Me website.

As a naturopath, I frequently utilise the unique properties of Bach Flower remedies that were originally developed and put forward by innovative health care practitioner, Samuel Hahnneman.

As a physician, Hahnemann challenged the prevailing medical establishment and allopathic approaches of his day and proposed homeopathy as a gentler and more accurat4e and longstanding mode of treatment that was less harmful and far more successful that allopathic medicinal.

If you are interested in finding out more about Homeopathy, contact A Natural Self Naturopathy Clinic or speak to your local naturopath who will be able to guide you on the use of Bach Flower remedies and essences and their benefit to you and your family.

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