Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow

Many men experience it. As young boys they never even dream that it will befall them. Ask kids on the soccer field or in the school line, they never imagine that the tousled shock of hair on their heads will one day be a thing of the past. They never even consider that baldness and hair loss may be an issue they have to consider later in life.


For many men, the prospect of hair loss is an upsetting one and what starts as minor thinning is gradually superseded by a greater loss, leaving forehead and pate and thinned and even completely bare.  Some males perceive this process as a natural feature of the ageing process much like wrinkling and a loss of skin condition. Others feel it is an aberration that needs to be addressed and minimised so they can maintain their head of hair for as long as possible.

There seems to be a genetic component to balding, and “one study in Maryborough in Victoria, Australia showed the prevalence of mid-frontal hair loss increases with age and affects 72.5% of man and 57% of women after the age of 80.”[1]

Vitamin E, Natural Therapy and Natural Remedy Treatments

There is some evidence that suggests that natural supplements could possibly help in the fight against hair loss progression. According to the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at The University of Science in Malaysia, Vitamin E may help to “reverse the process of balding. The tocotrienols in vitamin E may be the key.”[2]

Natural Health Products

Some naturopaths also believe that various natural health products may reduce hair thinning and hair loss. Saw Palmetto is sometimes put forward as a natural treatment rich in fatty acids that can help, although further studies may be required for clinical proof and scientific validation.

A Natural Self Naturopathy website also offers a variety of products that may help with your hair loss and balding. The Hair More range of products is available online and can be purchased and obtained via the online shopping cart. These products include various herbal remedies such as vitamin E, gingko and the saw palmetto which is said to interrupt the miniaturisation of hair follicles. The shampoos and conditioners of the Hair More range also contain horsetail which contains high levels of silica. Silica may be helpful in the strengthening of the hair shaft.

If you are concerned about baldness or hair thinning, consider natural products as one mode of rejuvenative treatment. Speak with your naturopath today or seek more information on A Natural Self website.