Green Tea to Protect Against Alzheimer’s? What Natural Therapies and Natural Products like green tea, can do to help such as Chronic Condition

The Newcastle University team collaborated with Dr Gordon McDougall of the Scottish Crop Research Institute in Dundee, using technology developed there that mimics the digestive system of the human body. In this way, they were able to isolate the compounds in green tea that may protect the brain from developing Alzheimer’s. Known as polyphenols, these compounds bind with hydrogen peroxide and a protein called beta-amyloid, both of which are known to play roles in the development of Alzheimer’s. The binding process is essentially the secret behind their effectiveness. This is a great find, as western medicine has very little to offer in the way of medicine and cure. Many people come to natural therapists for this issue. Green tea is a viable natural supplementation for these people.

Dr. Okello and his team also carried out laboratory experiments to see if green tea may be able to fight cancer. The results of their experiments were very encouraging. According to Dr. Okello, the green tea compounds “significantly” slowed the growth of cancer cells in their experiment. Again, an amazing discovery when we know what chemotherapy and radiation does to the immune system. Natural supplements have no side effects and can help the symptoms as well as the cause.

The verdict is not yet in and more studies need to be done on human volunteers, but this study shows great promise. Dr. Okello stresses that factors like a proper diet, exercise and a healthy overall lifestyle all have their benefits and should not be overlooked. However, it looks as if Shennong may have been right when he advocated green tea for health.

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