Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


The word is bandied about and overused day in and day out. But what is it?

Do you feel it in your life? Are you able to share it with others?

Can you express it and can you manifest it through your lifestyle and your choices?

Many naturopaths and natural health practitioners I know, have done enough spiritual and emotional work on themselves to understand the profound link between love and action.

For many, love in the western world is perceived as a feeling, a welling up of emotion, a connection or a sensory or sexual experience.

But love is actually more than that. Love is all about action and it is about giving and practising selflessness and active care for others through service and doing and sharing.

Love and A Natural Self

Spiritual advisor and teacher, Deepak Chopra sums up love perfectly when he states that “love is the essence of healing. Healing is the essence of love.”[1] In this sense, love becomes about self-care. It is the active manifestation of nurture and self-respect and respect for others and it is why so many natural therapy practitioners treat their roles as healers with so much seriousness and commitment.

For many kinesiologists or homeopaths or Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, the role as healer is a role that is infused with service, love and an aspiration towards healing and giving.

My role as a naturopath at A Natural Self is grounded in this approach. Naturopathic healing becomes the extension of love in a professional setting and has a strongly vocational aspect to it.

Gift Boxes from A Natural Self

Similarly, the approach to gift supplies and gift boxes at A Natural Self is founded upon the idea of fusing healing with expressions of love and gifting. There is a range of products available for purchase from Lemon Myrtle products through to massage kits which are perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas.

If your partner or loved one has specific ailments or health problems, you also have the option of purchasing gift vouchers and gift certificates that can be used for naturopathic consultations and other specialised products such as detoxification kits and treatments for skin conditions and other issues.

You can now purchase these items direct and online and they are delivered to your door within days. You have the ease and efficiency of online shopping without having to worry about a longwinded visit to a shop that may be time consuming and too difficult for you.

So, have a fantastic Valentine’s Day and think about active expressions of love that fuse with healing and a natural therapies approach to life.