Gift Ideas and a Natural Self?

Do you want to be “a natural self?”  Do you want to live freely, naturally and purely with a solid foundation of ethical living, compassion and practical respect for yourself and others?

I know I do.

Starting out on the Journey

One of the best places to start on this journey is to really consider how we treat the self on all levels. Think about it. Do you eat well, live well, sleep well and care for yourself with good diet, water, exercise, attentions to your spiritual and emotional and physical wellbeing?

Or do you neglect that ol’ “self” of yours, with poor diet and nutrition, a tendency towards junk food and fizzy drinks, a poor sleeping pattern and not enough exercise and meditation and relaxation?

What are some simple steps you can take to begin really transforming yourself from the inside and the out?

6 Tips for achieving a natural self

Here’s a quick and simple list you can incorporate into your life.

You might be surprised if you give them a try:

  • Before you hop out of bed, do five minutes of deep diaphragmatic breathing to centre yourself
  • Refresh your digestive system with warm water and lemon juice. Take this as soon as you get up in the morning.
  • Invest in a juicer. Replace one of your morning cups of coffee with fresh carrot and celery juice. Cheap, nice, easy.
  • Make an appointment with a qualified naturopath and have a complete check up.
  • Consider natural remedies instead of western medicine
  • Consider your nutrition intake and eat fresh foods instead of refined foods.

These small changes can have a profound impact on your natural ability to cope with life on life’s terms. Try them for a month and take note of the changes!

The Greatest Gift Idea of Them All

Perhaps the greatest gift of all is the gift of self-respect.[1] You can give yourself self-respect by treating yourself caringly and kindly, by slowing down a little, by learning how to live more naturally and by adhering to a natural health approach that might incorporate such modalities as kinesiology, homeopathy, ayurvedic herbs and even Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM.)

“But it’s too expensive,” some of you are thinking?

Not necessarily.

You see, you can seek out truly ethical practitioners who put health before financial greed and who believe that reducing client consultation fees is a feasible approach to healing and health.

Dana Kington who runs a successful naturopathy clinic – “A Natural Self” – in Fremantle, Western Australia, is one practitioner who has adopted this approach with great results.

“I would prefer to see clients get well,” she says. “That is by far the most rewarding outcome for me. And in many cases, I have adjusted my fees so that my clients can receive a quality consultation and then afford the natural remedies and the supplements that are a component of their treatment plan.”

For more information contact Dana through her website or at her clinic in Fremantle.