Fresh Juicing and Detoxification

Thirty years ago it was almost impossible to find a fresh juice bar or even a home juicer to purchase from a department or appliance store. Thankfully today, the scenario is very different.

Juicing is a wonderful way to encourage your natural health, enrich your body with vitamins and minerals and work with the earth’s abundance and produce to harmonise your life and physical wellbeing.

Whenever I am on the east coast of Australia I visit Byron Bay. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, and heading down to Main Beach or The Pass for a swim and a surf. The waves break gently round the north facing cusp of the bay, and in the distance the world heritage Border Ranges stretch across the skyline like ancient sentinels guarding our precious earth.

There’s nothing better.

I will usually head down to the beach with a juice in hand – true to my naturopathy calling – and whether it is a freshly juiced vegetable juice or a fruit juice, I always know I am reaping the benefits of the most wondrous natural remedy.

A Juice A Day

I like to make sure I have a juice a day. Often I will start the day with a freshly made carrot and celery and beetroot juice and I will include a good chunk of ginger to aid with digestion and blood purification.

On other days I prefer a good dose of Vitamin C and on these occasions I will tend towards a freshly squeezed orange and berry combination juice with a good bunch of mint thrown in to freshen it up. Vitamin C is a brilliant and powerful antioxidant and it can help to boost your immune system and remove nasties or “free radicals” from the body.[1] It can also help with high blood pressure and can help to reduce plaque in the arteries. Your nutritionist and other practitioners will let you know it is one of the magnificent wonder vitamins. But it is not stored in the body and this means you need to maintain good levels of it by way of daily consumption in the form of juices, fresh fruit and vegetables and even good quality supplements.

Juices are in fact simple natural remedies for the soul and the body. They are jam packed with goodness and can help with allergies, skin conditions and other ailments by way of increasing your vitamin and mineral intake which in turn may help you to maintain your physical health.

The are great to use as part of a detoxification programme, but if you undergo one of these, always check with your General Practitioner and your alternative health practitioner first.

Next time you visit your local naturopath or natural health specialist, ask them about the benefits of juicing.

It’s a little change and a lovely one to incorporate into your daily routine.