Feet Don’t Fail Me Now…a true natural remedy where it counts

Those little tootsies! Those little footsies, peds, trotters. They go everywhere with you. Everywhere. They carry you around and support you day in day out, with unbelievable resilience, reliability and strength.


Have you ever really stopped to consider what you can do for your little feet in return for all the work and support they give you on a daily basis? What can you do to ease their pain, and to make sure they are feeling relaxed and assured, comfortable and happy?

Whaa? You say. Is she talking about feet? And why on earth has she personified them in such a fashion? I mean, they’re just feet. There’s nothing to them. Nothing at all.

The Whole Truth

Perhaps there is in fact a little more to our appendages of the nether region than you initially think! Perhaps they are more harmonised with other parts of our body and physiology than we often realise. A good naturopath can explain that the feet are not just mobile appendages that help us to get around, but are in fact the centre of much more than we could ever imagine.

The traditional western perception of feet is basically physiological in nature. The medical approach is to divide the feet into anatomical segments and compartments that have no further holistic relationship with the body or with emotions.

But does this really make sense?

Natural therapy would see this viewpoint as somewhat restrictive and a closer look at reflexology and also Traditional Chinese Medicine actually indicates there may be a link between various regions of the feet and other areas of the body and its internal workings and operation. Dana Kington from A Natural Self explains that reflexology actually works on a variety of levels that can help your general health and wellbeing.

“It’s a wonderful relaxing therapy,” she says. “Not only does it have a calmative and restorative component, but when performed accurately can actually boost your immune system, increase lymphatic flow and help with nervous system and circulation issues.”


The history of reflexology can be traced back to some of the most sophisticated ancient civilisations. Practitioners of this modality are depicted in the physician’s tomb at Saqqara in Egypt.[1] There is also strong evidence to indicate an interrelationship between Traditional Chinese Medicine and reflexology. In TCM terms foundational “Ch’I” energy balancing the inner energy force is reliant on free-flowing and unobstructed energy moving around the body, including the region of the feet.[2]

Are you neglecting your feet?

Yes. Your feet. Are you neglecting your own feet? Consider enlivening them and energising them with a great reflexology session from a qualified practitioner. This can:

  • Alleviate stress levels
  • Identify underlying disharmonies in the body
  • Identify underlying problems with organs
  • Unblock stagnant nerve or meridian paths so that your whole system feels energised.

So, make sure you consider your feet. Think about them. They are part of a systemic whole that needs nurturing, respect, love and tending, just as a garden might. Give reflexology a try and experience the benefits.

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