Exercise, Blood Glucose, Energy and Optimal Health

Where do athletes get all their energy from? A comparative study of male athletes and sedentary controls has found major metabolic benefits in keeping fit. The study found that athletes experience 32% higher whole body glucose disposal and an increase of over 39% in muscle glycogen content, compared to no change in either parameters in their sedentary counterparts.

Furthermore, GLUT-4 glucose transporter concentrations within muscles were 93% higher in athletes. Taken together, these findings show that athletes have superior blood sugar handling, and enhanced glycogen energy storage capacity.1These findings reinforce the importance of physical activity in helping maintain normal, healthy blood glucose levels.

Exercise has also been well-known for other proven aspects, such as weight loss, preventing depression, reducing stress, increasing muscle mass, arresting the development or the deterioration of bone density, as in osteoporosis.

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1 Ebeling P et al. Mechanism of enhanced insulin sensitivity in athletes. Increased blood flow, muscle glucose transport protein (GLUT-4) concentration, and glycogen synthase activity. J Clin Invest 1993;92(4):1623-31.