Estrogen Metabolism and Detoxification

The effect of estrogen metabolism on menstrual and reproductive symptoms and the use of natural formulas to resolve it

For optimal hormonal and reproductive health, female patients need to have adequate steroidogenesis, with production of LH, FSH, estrogen and progesterone in the correct balance at the correct time of the month. They also need to have the right balance of types of estrogens (i.e. estrone, estradiol, estriol), and optimal estrogen metabolism/detoxification to ensure they are preferentially processing estrogen through the favorable 2-hydroxy and 2-methoxyoestrogen pathways. If your patient has excessive levels of pro-proliferative, highly active estrogens (i.e. excessive levels of estradiol and/or a 2-OH: 16-OH estrogen ratio of < 2.0), this may be contributing to their menstrual and reproductive symptoms. In these patients, supporting estrogen metabolism through the use of natural formulas is vital.

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