Easy Ways to Treat Arthritis

Many of you may experience the pain of arthritis. It is a common and very debilitating condition with a relentless undercurrent of joint pain that can exhaust and frustrate you.

There is nothing worse than ongoing pain that rarely subsides and flares up at a moment’s notice. Arthritic pain is like this and as you get older, it can start to affect your overall wellbeing and joy and your ability to engage with life.

Today you are given some real solutions. While these may not “cure” your arthritis, they certainly have the capacity to reduce inflammation and joint pain and help you carry on life with the vigour and energy and vivacity you want and deserve.

Arthritis – Definition

According to Arthritis Australia, “arthritis is a common condition affecting people from all ages and all walks of life. Its symptoms often have a big impact on the daily life.”[1]

While many think of arthritis as a singular and lone condition, it is actually an overarching term that refers to many conditions that affect the points where bones meet (joints) and the workings of your musculoskeletal system.

Symptoms include:

  • Stiffness, reduced mobility
  • Joint cartilage damage
  • Joint weakening
  • Inflammation and redness

Natural Health Solutions

You can ask your naturopathy practitioner about some of the natural remedies that can be used to treat you arthritis. A number of excellent arthritis kits are on the market. You can also increase your dosage or intake of the following vitamins and herbs:

  • Flaxseed oil – filled with omega fats that help you produce prostaglandins – the hormone molecules that help prevent inflammation. Take flaxseed capsules with your meals. Follow directions
  • Fish oil – eat deep sea fish – fatty fish such as salmon. Take fish oil capsules daily
  • Magnesium – take magnesium daily. You can also use Epsom salts as an anti-inflammatory bath soaking agent. The magnesium will be absorbed through the skin by osmosis.
  • Alfalfa – boil alfalfa seeds into a tea (one teaspoon to one cup boiling water.
  • Cinnamon – use it on your breakfast or mix with honey every morning and have on toast.
  • Ginger – include ginger in your fresh juices. Making fresh juices is a great way to get a big daily natural vitamin and mineral shot!

Foods and Drinks to Avoid

There are many foods and drinks you can avoid or eliminate from your diet that will help reduce your arthritis symptoms. You can seek expert advice from a nutritionist. But here is a starter list:

  • Sugar – CUT IT OUT.  It’s called white poison for a reason and it really aggravates joint inflammation.
  • Alcohol – a big NO for arthritis. Cut it out, or reduce it so you get the anti-oxidant properties found in a glass of wine without the problems that come with excessive alcohol intake.
  • White flour – get that processed food out of your daily diet FOR GOOD.

This turns into sugar and sugar is the worst substance for your arthritic inflammation

A few changes to your diet and your intake of certain vitamins and supplements can make a huge difference to your joint inflammation. Start today. You will reap the benefits and rewards.

[1] http://www.arthritisaustralia.com.au/