Down By the Sea

Living by the sea can give you access to a whole host of sea goodies.

If you live on the coast, many of you will know and understand the wonders of a stroll along the sand in the early morning or late afternoon…or when the tide turns. And the miraculous wonder of the sea and ocean is that it is never quite the same. Whether the weather is hot and sunny with a light breeze or blustery and fierce with a gun-metal grey sky and a raging rainstorm, the sea can captivate us and hold it under its spell.

Goodness in the Sea – a source of natural products

As a naturopath, I am particularly interested in the sea as a natural force and a natural provider of health and goodness. Most of you will already know the distinct benefit of seafood – which is high in nutrients and minerals that are wonderful for brain and body development and health.[1]

Seafood is great for the heart because it contains Omega-3’s which helps to lower cholesterol and the level of triglycerides in your bloodstream. This is turn helps to reduce the possibility of heart attack. So, a great tip is to try to increase your intake of oily fish such as the deep sea varieties – mackerel, salmon, sardines etc. as these contain the valuable omegas you want in your diet.

Your Brain and Natural Health

Did you know that eating seafood could also help with your brain’s performance and health? And if you are susceptible to depression or anxiety or a flat mood, you can also increase your intake of seafood and note any change in your emotional state over time.

You may even want to increase your fish or seafood intake on a regular basis and keep a mood journal which can then be shown to your nutritionist or your natural therapies practitioner, or even your general practitioner if he or she is helping you to manage your emotional realm.

Vitamins and Minerals

Selenium and iodine and zinc all help your body to motor along properly. All these are found in seafood and sea products. A diet that has the correct amount of iodine means your thyroid gland can function properly so that your metabolic/growth processes are regulated properly.  Similarly, a diet that is high in selenium helps to keep cell walls healthy, which in turn means that cancer causing free-radicals cannot permeate the cell structure and create havoc.

Produce from the sea also contains vitamin A in high doses. Your skin and eyes need vitamin A for optimal functioning.

So remember, the next time you are walking along the beach or down near the ocean, take a moment to thank it for the wonderful produce it provides us with. It is an abundant source of health for us and we need to respect its force, power and beauty.

Have a lovely day.