Do you need a Nutritionist to visit your household?

Australians are getting unhealthier and also more obese. It’s official. So what can you do about it and how can you improve the health and nutrition of your family or household?

The Australian Government Institute of Health and Welfare says that an optimal diet supplies the nutrients that are essential for maintenance and repair and growth of tissue and also contains minerals, vitamins and proteins that are needed to maintain the health of the body.[1]

Naturopath Dana Kington says people can do a lot to improve their nutrition and can use natural health and natural remedies to help the process. “One of the first things I like to check is the dietary patterns of my clients. There is an old saying – we are what we eat – and it is completely true. If we feed our bodies properly, we have a much greater chance of feeling good. Dana suggests the following for a well-balanced and healthy diet:

  • Eat plenty of wholegrain cereals
  • Eat plenty of fruit
  • Make sure you eat lots of vegetables and legumes
  • Drink water
  • Regulate your fat intake

She also suggests a visit to a clinic such as A Natural Self for more comprehensive nutritional guidance.

Dana also points out that those individuals who suffer from allergies, skin conditions or other ailments may also benefit from a more selective nutritional or dietary plan. “Some individuals require detoxification from certain foods or food groups, or they may need to supplement their basic nutrition with a range of natural health products or natural remedies. It’s incredible to think that people put their car in for a regular annual service, but how many of us actually do the same for our own bodies?”

Dana says the general community also needs re-education about health and wellbeing, and needs to know that looking after your household’s nutrition can be fun, creative and uniting.

“It doesn’t have to be hard or boring. It does involve rethinking your approach to food and wellbeing, but it can be exciting. Here are a few ideas that can help to make it fun:

  • Shop for fresh fruit and vegetables at the markets, It’s often cheaper and teaches children to know more about food and produce.
  • Cook together as a family or household. Create a great, healthy meal together. A summer salad or an Asian stir-fry.
  • Get out that fishing rod. Why not catch your own? Teach your children that food doesn’t just come from the supermarket shelves.
  • Take the household out to the country. Buy eggs from a farm stall with free range chickens.”

Dana says good nutrition is possible and also helps prevent illness and disease.  She also says that a naturopathy clinic or specialist in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) may be able to treat specific reactions to certain foods and liquids using natural products. If you require a specialist consultation be sure to seek out a qualified naturopath or dietician/nutritionist.

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