There are so many ways to detoxify your body. A quick internet search on Google reveals a host of options and approaches – some good and some not so good – and all with one aim in mind, hopefully, which is to rid your body of toxins and give it a good cleanse.

There are times when a proper detoxification programme may be needed. In extreme cases where there is considerable toxin build up, a good cleanse may be just the thing. It may help you clear your body and mind of tiredness, lethargy and a feeling of general apathy.

There are a number of ways you can cleanse your body. These include:

  • Alcohol and drug detoxification (in cases of addiction.) You can do this at a supervised detoxification/rehabilitation centre.[1]
  • Colonics
  • Dietary detoxification
  • Lemon juice flush
  • Nasal Cleansing

Alcohol and Drug Detoxification

Detoxification from drugs and alcohol occurs over a few days or weeks and in many circumstances, may need to be supervised by medical staff. Complications can arise. If you need to undergo alcohol or drug detoxification, consult your GP. You may also want to consult a naturopath who can advise on the natural products that can help with the process.


The Australian Colonic Hydrotherapy Association says that colonics is a “five step process in one treatment” that aims to remove toxins, cleanse the colon, stimulate reflex points of the body and lead to improved health.[2] This involves hydrotherapy (water flush) of the intestines to remove faecal and other matter.

Dietary Detoxification

You may want to detox from specific foods or food groups or from solids altogether. Some people regularly undertake a dietary detoxification programme. If you choose to do so, consult a naturopath or a dietician or alternative healthcare practitioner who can guide you. It is a big step and requires careful planning and forethought.

Lemon Juice Flush

A simple glass of squeezed lemon juice and warm water first thing in the morning can really help to balance your stomach and digestion. The Alkaline properties in the lemon juice can nullify harsh stomach acid build-up. Drink lemon juice and warm water first thing in the morning.[3]

Nasal Cleansing

You can clean out your sinus and nasal cavities with the simple use of the neti pot.[4] The neti pot is filled with warm, salted water and the little pout is inserted into one of your nostrils. You head is also positioned so that the water flows out of your alternate nostril. This flushes the cavities and is excellent for sinusitis and allergy problems as well as hay fever and even asthma.

These are just a few modes of detoxification and cleansing that you can incorporate into your daily life or your health regime. For more information you may want to consult your local naturopath and health professional.

Have a lovely day.