Detoxification and your Liver

What happens when the liver does not function properly? If it is not functioning well, you may need to begin a detoxification programme.

Have you ever considered exactly what a healthy liver means to you and the quality of your life?

There’s no doubt about it. A sick or sluggish liver can really debilitate you, and can lead to emotional extremes, depression, a sense of worthlessness and incredible lethargy and tiredness.

Today, A Natural Self looks at this magnificent organ, and explains why you need to look after it like a dear old friend.

The role of the liver

Chances are you may already know the liver is one of the most important organs of the body, and is 2nd largest in size (appox. 3 kilos) and the largest internal organ in the body.[1]But what does it actually do for you?

It cleanses. It rids you and your body of nasties. And if it gets overloaded or sick, then you are in trouble!

Here are a few of the very important functions your liver performs tirelessly:

  • The liver’s enzymes work like little troopers to break down chemicals and foods
  • It produces bile
  • It makes urea through a process of ammonia conversion (the by-product of protein digestion)
  • It transfers urea to the kidneys to be dispelled through urine
  • It makes some glucose
  • It also receives glucose from the intestine (lesser intestine or small intestine.)
  • It converts stored glucose (glycogen stored in the liver) into the kind of glucose that is needed for energy when you exert yourself

What if the liver is sick?

Have you ever seen a jaundiced individual?[2] Many individuals with liver problems begin to get a “yellowish tinge” to their complexion. This is because the liver is overloaded and begins to leak out bilirubin or bile into the skin. Often this is also accompanied by excessive itching.

They may also show the following symptoms

  • Light and frothy faecal matter
  • Swollen and “plumped” abdomen
  • Bruising easily and often
  • Dark, pungent urine.[3]

Even though the liver can regenerate itself, it can and does get sick.

Here are some factors that can affect it:

  • Too much alcohol
  • Too much fatty food
  • Too much coffee
  • Too much refined food
  • Too much sugar
  • Not enough exercise
  • Not enough water

Your Real Solution

Your naturopath or nutritionist should be able to help you with a personalised detoxification programme. Naturopath Dana Kington suggests using quality products over several weeks to ensure best results. She suggests the Quick Cleanse range for superb results that will help to cleanse, detoxify and tone your liver back into a regenerative state where it is functioning better.

A good all round detoxification programme will cleanse and repair, clear the blood and bloodstream and also tone other associated organs as well as the liver.

It will also help you to live a fuller and more fruitful life, attuned to the true joys of natural health.